A Private Gym for Free Thinkers and Creative Entrepreneurs

Weightlifting platforms. 24/7 Access. Pay what you want membership. 1 Mile from OTR.

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Why We Exist

Foundation Fitness Training Compound has a single mission, to facilitate a training environment experience where those who have arrived to the truth in how our physical bodies should be trained, can actually train.

We have gone down the rabbit hole of what a training space needs and what it doesn’t need. We are rooted in a direction and path of what it takes to allow the human body to progress, evolve and transform into it’s greatest self.

We are a hub where free thinking human beings can explore answers to questions that they have instinctively been asking all their lives. We know that one part of that journey is finding ways to move our bodies in an intuitive way that helps us get closer to our highest potential in all areas of our lives.

The gym is no longer just a gym. It is a place where we can work on the temple that was gifted to us when we entered this world. The most magnificent gift we were ever granted. It’s up to us to appreciate and acknowledge this opportunity and treat it with 100% integrity, love and respect it deserves by it’s very nature of existence.

The Compound empowers me to workout when I'm able with my "around the clock" schedule. More importantly, I get to strengthen myself alongside other talented entrepreneurs.
PJ Neumann

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Expect Change

Foundation Fitness Training Compound is a warehouse gym nested in the historic Mohawk building in the West End of Downtown Cincinnati. An idea built from the creative mind of Patrick Hitches as a space where free thinkers and creative entrepreneurs come to train their bodies and explore their higher selves. We pride ourselves on top tier coaching and training and teach a holistic approach of movement exposing our members to the overall scope of what it takes to tap into your fullest potential in life.

Our Members Speak Up

Visionary leaders Patrick Hitches and Zach Franke have created a holistic community for body, mind and spirit. If you want to be fit AND inspired, run--don't walk-- to Foundation Fitness.
Reba Riley
This gym is awesome! Everyone on my team loves it. Especially once we build the bouldering wall!
Konrad Billetz, Frameri
Konrad Billetz
Anything that my man Patrick Hitches does is above and beyond ordinary. He lives life to the extreme! I love the extraordinary experience in this gym.
Kirk Rhein

Personal Training

cincinnati personal training Here at The Compound, we train clients with a holistic approach on strength, stress reduction, breathing, nutrition and a focus on overall life purpose. It all matters immensely for results.

A Deeper Look in The Compound


Do you allow chalk? I got kicked out of my last gym because I kept breaking this rule.
What if I have a Music Preference? Rihanna isn’t necessarily my jam when I lift.
What if I need to cancel my membership for any reason?
Will it ever get too crowded? I dig a nice little open space when I’m lifting and getting strong like bull.
Who is this facility REALLY for anyways? Will I be intimidated?
What can I expect in regards to training equipment that L.A. Fitness doesn’t have?
What kind of support can I expect from the Foundation Fitness team? Sometimes I feel like I’m floating around without a clue as to what to do!
How much is membership? I’m used to 150/mo at Crossfit and another 100/mo for my yoga membership!
Do I need to be an entrepreneur to be a part of The Compound?

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